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We are contracted to produce a seamless 3D world that is suited to a story’s distinctive characters and props while adhering to the aesthetic direction and production schedules, from the terrain to the sky and everything in between.


We populate the area with elements as a team that handles all aspects of 3D environment art to provide a convincing backdrop for the narrative. Our meticulous approach to set dressing makes places appear immersive.

We construct 3D environment models of the most notable automobiles ever produced, refining them to fit the game’s aesthetic, including Formula, GT, and more. To guarantee the best possible usage of polygons, shaders, and textures, we collaborate closely with the game development and design teams.

We produce highly-detailed photorealistic components that respect the creative vision, satisfy the technical needs, and uphold the standards for quality using our solid understanding of architectural features, natural surroundings, composition, lighting, and props.

For PC and console games, our team produces aesthetically pleasing and lifelike machines, tools, guns, railroads, and architectural features in realistic, stylized, or cartoonish designs.

We make sophisticated materials from scratch, including the one-of-a-kind, very lifelike materials that match the surface flaws of genuine items. We are specialists in PBR workflows and photogrammetry processes. 

our strengths

You can always swiftly grow your workforce thanks to our capability. To completely meet the needs of your project, we choose artists with the necessary experience. The members of your team will remain the same throughout the whole project.

We provide cutting-edge 3D environment design services with extra assets, including extremely photorealistic materials that imitate the surface flaws of genuine items, thanks to our highly developed grasp of composition, texture, lighting, and colour.

Our art staff is managed by art directors. They make sure that all mission-critical components are there and that the level design, narrative, and gameplay specifications are satisfied. At every point in the pipeline, our deliveries are consistent with the client’s vision.

Our solutions, which strike a compromise between aesthetics and game performance, are impeccably made possible by Gaming tech Studio’s rigorous art quality procedure. Prior to being sent to a customer, our artwork is evaluated at many stages.

Each asset we provide fits into its environment and is compatible with the gameplay. While engrossing a player in the game, we adhere to the game’s style and maintain a uniform appearance.


Amanda Hughes Creative Director, PixelPlay Studios

Collaborating with Ferrachino has been an inspiring journey. Their dedication to artistic excellence and seamless gameplay mechanics shines through in every project. As a fellow industry professional, I'm continually impressed by their ability to create worlds that players can truly lose themselves in.

Ethan Carter Professional Gamer and eSports Champion

In the competitive gaming world, you need games that balance skill and strategy perfectly. Ferrachino's titles do just that. The strategic depth and balanced gameplay give me the edge I need to stay at the top of my game. It's no surprise that their games are becoming a staple in the eSports scene

Sofia Rodriguez Founder, VirtualRealms Tech

At VirtualRealms Tech, we pride ourselves on innovation. Ferrachino aligns perfectly with our vision. Their incorporation of cutting-edge technologies into gameplay creates an unparalleled immersive experience. It's refreshing to collaborate with a company that shares our passion for pushing the boundaries of what's possible.

Jackson Wong Gaming Enthusiast and Content Creator

As a lifelong gamer, I've seen trends come and go, but Ferrachino consistently delivers quality. Their games have a special blend of nostalgia and innovation that keeps me engaged. Whether I'm playing solo or streaming for my audience, Ferrachino's titles never fail to spark excitement and conversation.